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  • Adding "Nationally Published Author" to your title
  • Attracting MASSIVE amounts of NEW patients
  • Being known as the EXPERT and Celebrity doctor in your community
  • Autographing Your books at seminars, events, and presentations
  • Having a 3D image of your book cover on your website and on all marketing materials

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How Does It Work?

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3 Easy Options

  • We have books on these specific niches
  • We will tailor the information to reflect your practice
  • WE do the researching and writing for you 
  • You'll have a completely personalized front and back book cover 
  • You will have final approval on content 
  • We provide brainstorming sessions on how to use the book to get NEW PATIENTS!

  • We interview you on topics you select from our library
  • We personalize your book to reflect your specific thoughts, ideas, practice style, patient testimonials, etc.
  • We do all the writing for you!
  • You create your own book title
  • You'll have a completely personalized front and back cover
  • You will have final approval on content
  • We provide brainstorming sessions on how to use the book to get NEW PATIENTS!
  • Co-Author with 20-40 other doctors
  • Your personal story will be one of the chapters
  • We interview you, then write the story for you
  • As a featured author, your photo will appear on the cover
  • As a featured author, your practice information and bio will appear on the back cover.
  • We provide brainstorming sessions on how to use the book to get NEW PATIENTS!

Niche Books

Personalized Book

Featured Contributing Author

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(Weight Loss, Laser Therapy, Brain Based Wellness, Personal Injury, Stem Cell Therapy)

5-6 medical doctors send me patients now including neurosurgeons and primary care physicians. I’ve experienced a 25% increase in new patients. 



- Dr. Chris M. Faler, Author
Your Spine, Your Health, Your Choice

My book is responsible for 80% of new patients. The patient retention is totally better than it used to be…and the best thing is it is a low cost per new patient. Last week I had 14 referrals from my book alone! 



- Dr. Brandon Steinbar, Author
Chiropractic for a Healthier America

About 2 years ago I ran into the guys from Totally Booked Practice. One of the best decisions I ever made was writing a book. I will tell you that every book I give out to my patients, I simply see 2 to 3 new patients in referral from that. 



- Dr. Eric Nepute, Author
Divine By Design

My Book increased my credibility tremendously. My collections have gone up $100,000 (first year as an author) and $150,000 the second year. Attorneys want to work with me because I am an author. My book made a huge change in my practice: I get a 10:1 return on this investment...



- Dr. Phil Nicolas, Author
The Best Kept Secret to Neck and Back Pain Relief

Totally Booked Practice helped take my practice to the next level!! Being a published author makes me an expert in my area!!! My book passively generates new patients by simply having my staff up front pass them out!! People stop & say they know me from somewhere!! Maybe you read my book?



- Dr. Anthony Fort, Author
Goodbye to Back and Neck Pain

Become a Nationally Published Author and Local Celebrity with your own printed books!

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We want you to share in our passion to teach the world that when it comes to health care, there truly is a better way.

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