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Totally Booked- Become A Nationally Published Author



  • Adding “Nationally Published Author” to your title
  • Attracting MASSIVE amounts of NEW patients
  • Being known as the EXPERT and Celebrity doctor in your community
  • Autographing Your books at seminars, events, and presentations
  • Having a 3D image of your book cover on your website and on all marketing materials

Don’t worry, our team will hold your hand through
the process to guarantee your success!

3 Easy Options


We Publish Your Book


Already have a written transcript?

We can bring your material to completion with …

  • Editing
  • Typesetting
  • Formatting
  • Publishing
  • Printing
  • And we’ll coach you how to use the book to get NEW PATIENTS!

We Help Write Your Book

  • We interview you on topics you select
  • We use your information to personalize your book
  • You create your own book title
  • You’ll have a completely personalized front and back cover
  • You will have final approval on content
  • And we’ll coach you how to use the book to get NEW PATIENTS!

This option is QUICK and requires NO writing skills on your part!


Become a Contributing Author

  • Quickest/Easiest Option!
  • Co-Author with 20-40 other doctors
  • Your personal story will be one of the chapters
  • We interview you, then write the story for you
  • As a featured author, your photo will appear on the cover
  • As a featured author, your practice information and bio will appear on the back cover.
  • And we’ll coach you how to use the book to get NEW PATIENTS!
Questions? Ready to chat? We love to help.

Become a Nationally Published Author and local celebrity with your own printed books!

Get step-by-step assistance through the entire process with our proven system.

The MOST cost effective way to boost your New Patient Volume!

The Creators

28 ways

From the authors of “28 Ways to Boost New Patient Volume Using Your Very Own Book”

“Doctors with a passion and purpose to help other doctors create the practice and lifestyle of their DREAMS…that’s who we are!”


Dr. Gary Trupo


Dr. Robert Hanopole

Totally Booked Practice is one of the most powerful, ethical, and effective new patient attraction systems available today.

You will receive abundant amounts of quality new patients as a byproduct of a much larger vision and purpose…teaching the masses about their pathway to health!

We want you to share in our passion to teach the world that when it comes to health care, there truly is a better way.

We have a combined 40 years experience opening, operating, and managing eleven successful practices throughout four different states. In addition, we have successfully coached hundreds of doctors to greatly increase their new patient volume.

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